NEWSARCHIVE up to 2006

December 2006 


In 2006 Tennis Club Unterföhring e.V., Munich renewed its irrigation system by
exchanging the existing sprinklers from other brand with an automatic
PERROT pop-up irrigation system.

All of the four courts have been newly equipped.  

This project was executed by our distributor:

Helmut Bauer GmbH
85748 Garching
Tek: +49(0)89/3201908

August 2006




HYDRA in Aktion


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May 2006 

Here it is -
the original PERROT 8" cardan coupling
is now available. Flexible in use and application - for
operating pressure of up to 10 bar.


Male and female part made of steel, black
Cardan ring made of galvanized steel
Hooks and levers made of galvanized cast iron  

For inquiries concerning prices and delivery time,
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September 2005 

Hockey field Heidenheim/Germany

Artificial lawn field with VP2 large area pop-up sprinklers. The sports club HSB Heidenheim has recently installed an automatic irrigation system mit six VP2 pop-up sprinklers. Even without a sprinkler in the center, the hockey field is evenly irrigated also at windy conditions.

Hockeyfeld Heidenheim

VP 2 in Aktion

VP 2 in Aktion

This irrigation system was installed by our distributor

Fa. Gross, Oberreichenbach/Germany

May 2005 

- Stadium of the German soccer club Bayern München-

Seventeen professional PERROT pop-up sprinklers turn the arena ground into a lush green turf field.
The time has come - the lawn has been laid since April 16th, 2005 and is now irrigated for a better growth and adherance.  

Allianz-Arena München

This irrigation system was installed - together with the PERROT decoder control system - by our distributor

Volker Pröhl GmbH in Umkirch/Germany

February 2005


The new pop-up sprinkler VP2 with piston drive will take the place of the previous VP1.
Smaller dimensions - higher performance
The new pop-up sprinkler VP2 completely meets these requirements.  

VP 2VP 2 in Aktion

Its weight (19,8 instead of 32,0 kg) and dimensions have been reduced significantly - its casting range and water distribution have been optimised further.