News from Golf resort Bonanza in Zambia:In the blazing heat of Africa

Just 7 km away from the International airport of the capital Lusaka in Zambia is the newly developed high class Golf Resort Bonanza.
As you can imagine the irrigation requirements in Zambia are extremely important as it is located in Southern Africa and has an average of only 73 days rainfall per year. With these extreme and harsh conditions come high standards required as water loss needs to be kept to a minimum and also the products selected need to be simple to maintain and extremely durable for these harsh conditions.
So with all this taken into account they require a gear drive rotor that has one of the leading distribution uniformities within the industry and the robustness and durability to withstand these harsh conditions and that is why the Perrot “Hydra” series rotor was installed throughout the first 9 holes of this 18 hole project. The investor is enthusiastic about the installation and absolutely convinced of his choice for an Irrigation system of Perrot as “made in Germany”.
We wish to congratulate everyone on the first phase of construction and wish them all success with the next phase and completion of this excellent golf resort.

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