Bavarian State Garden Show 2018 in Würzburg

The Würzburg State Horticultural Show takes place from April 12 to October 7, 2018. Close to Würzburg's City Centre the new district of Hubland features a large park.

 From the beginning Perrot was involved in the planning process. Our design team worked with the architects to design the complete irrigation system. Also in Würzburg they take advantage of the unique characteristics of the TRITON series. High reliability, easy operation and durability are the main features of this impact popup sprinkler.

 The TRITON-L sprinklers together with the "Perrot Satellite" decoder central control system now ensure a reliable and long-lasting quality of the system - even beyond the Bavarian State Garden Show.

 Our local partner: Fränkische Baugesellschaft, Bürgerreuther Strasse 16, 95444 Bayreuth

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