De-icer effluents

Environmentally-friendly and Affordable Disposal of Deicing Effluents by Irrigation

During winter aircrafts are de-iced by spraying, for the safety of passengers and air traffic.
Thus a big quantity of concentrated de-eicing effluent accrue in the process.

Together with the natural precipitation (rainfall runoff) these de-icing effluents are collected in storage reservoirs - the basis for a sustainable disposal of de-icing effluents.

Jungo Engineering Ltd. from Zurich developed an evironmentally-friendly process for the disposal of the de-icing effluent by spryaing it on surrounding green areas in diluted form.

In a predetermined ratio the de-icing effluents are mixed with the stored rainwater in a monitored pump station.

The de-icing effluents are disposed by irrigation on the surrounding green areas and between runways.

PERROT developed a special pop-up sprinkler to suit this application. .

The system has been successfully applied since winter 2000/2001 and has the official operational approval since 2007

LVZE 22 HB. Reliable irrigation at temperatures down to -25°C by means of an integrated heating.
Flow rates up to 10 m³/h per sprinkler at a pressure of up to 8 bar. Material is even resistent to acetate-based de-icers.

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