PERROT - Flat couplings

The quick connection between pipe and sprinkler

You want to use your sprinklers flexibly ? Dismantling at the end of the season has to be fast and inexpensive? Then PERROT flat couplings are just the right thing. Made of hot-pressed brass and stainless steel, these fast connectors between pipe and sprinkler are robust in handling and operation and are designed for a long service life. The bayonet coupling makes connecting very easy.

In addition, if you use the flat couplings with self-closing valve, you can remove the sprinkler at any time. As soon as the sprinkler is removed, the rubber ball inside the valve stops the water flow. And when you refit the sprinkler, the water flow is released again.

Flat couplings without valve

Flat coupling lower part with 1" female

Flat coupling upper part with 1" male x 3/4" female

Flat couplings with valve

Flat coupling lower part with valve and 1" female

Flat coupling upper part with valve and 1" male x 3/4" female