An overview of the projects carried out by PERROT

A selection of our projects to offer an insight into the work of recent years.

Les Prés-Roses sports centre in Delémont

In Delémont, two football fields at the Les Prés-Roses sports centre have been converted into the latest generation artificial turf fields. The project has been commissioned by the municipality of Delémont and assigned to our partner Perrottet & Piller AG. Perrot automatic irrigation system is now also being used here, with a combination of our VP3 pop-up sprinklers with piston drive and Triton-L pop-up sprinklers with impact drive. These sprinklers ensure an exceptional casting range and coverage, so that even synthetic turf fields and pitches can be fully irrigated from the perimeter.

Avenches National Equestrian Institute (IENA)

The Avenches National Equestrian Institute (IENA) combines sport, racing and equestrian disciplines on one site. It is one of the largest equestrian centres in Europe! This year, the Switzerland’s largest sand paddock has been equipped with our VP series pop-up sprinklers with piston drive. We would like to congratulate our partner Perrottet & Piller AG on this amazing and successful project.

Perrot irrigation system at AFC Amsterdam Sports Club

New irrigation system for the artificial turf football field at the sports complex "Goed Genoeg", which is also the home of Amsterdamsche Football Club. The project has been commissioned by the municipality of Amsterdam and assigned to our partner Aquaco B.V. To ensure proper irrigation of the entire surface, eight built-in sprinklers have been installed around the field. Because of the large spraying distance to cover, Aquaco has opted for our VP3 pop-up sprinklers with piston drive. These sprinklers have a unique nozzle design and are equipped with an integrated electrical valve and Sector Scout mechanism, allowing optimal water distribution with a fixed start and end setting. This means that unnecessary water consumption is out of the game forever!

Illés Akadémia in Hungary

Perrot will supply the irrigation system of Illés Akadémia, Szombathely, in Hungary. With 5 natural and 1 artificial turf pitch, the system will be with 75 Triton-L pop-up sprinklers, 6 VP3 pop-up sprinklers, and the Satellite central control decoder system.

Perrot irrigation system at Gezira Sporting Club

Gezira Sporting Club is the largest multi-sport facility in Egypt. It was founded in 1882 and is located on the island of Zamalek, in Cairo. The new irrigation system will be equipped with 14 Triton-L VAC PC and 6 Triton-L VAC TC.

New irrigation system for Golf Club Abridge in UK

Geoff Smith, Course Manager Abridge Golf Club: Our old irrigation system was over 40 years old and failing dreadfully! We looked at all the major Irrigation companies but chose Perrot for their quality of Manufacturing and personal service they offered us. We are really impressed with our system. This year we have had no rainfall since the beginning of May and our new system has certainly been tried and tested ! Everyone is talking about how good it is!” Our local partner: MJ Abbott Limited, Bratch Lane Dinton Salisbury, SP3 5EB WILTSHIRE

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Bavarian State Garden Show 2018 in Würzburg

The Würzburg State Horticultural Show takes place from April 12 to October 7, 2018. Close to Würzburg's City Centre the new district of Hubland features a large park. From the beginning Perrot was involved in the planning process. Our design team worked with the architects to design the complete irrigation system. Also in Würzburg they take advantage of the unique characteristics of the TRITON series. High reliability, easy operation and durability are the main features of this impact popup sprinkler. The TRITON-L sprinklers together with the "Perrot Satellite" decoder central control system now ensure a reliable and long-lasting quality of the system - even beyond the Bavarian State Garden Show.

Soccer World Cup 2018 in Russia

It is the sports-highlight of the year and eagerly anticipated by many football fans: the Soccer World Cup 2018. 32 teams from all over the world are qualified for the tournament. Numerous new training pitches have therefore been built or upgraded in Russia. So far 13 of these pitches have been equipped with a PERROT irrigation system. The robust impact sprinklers of the TRITON-L series were installed on natural turf pitches whereas the large-area sprinklers VP3 with piston drive were applied on artificial turf pitches. Also the main stadiums in St. Petersburg (Gazprom-Arena) as well as the Fisht-Arena in Sotchi are equipped with a PERROT pop-up sprinkler system.

Youth Olympics 2018 in Buenos Aires.

The youth of the world met in Buenos Aires for their own Olympics. In order to be able to compete in these competitions under professional conditions, PERROT irrigation was used for the facilities in the Youth Olympic Park. In the athletics stadium 17 HYDRA-series PERROT pop-up sprinklers were installed to ensure a good turf, thanks to the excellent water distribution of these sprinklers. The two hockey fields were equipped with the unique PERROT-VP3 pop-up sprinklers. These sprinklers have a throwing distance up to 54 meters, making it possible to irrigate the sports facilities from the outside, avoiding in-field installations which are hard to manage on an artificial surface. Also, thanks to the speed of these sprinklers, the hockey field can be completely irrigated during the break.

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"Upgrade your Golf Course" at the Thuringian Golf Club Drei Gleichen

Under the protection of three medieval castles we find the oldest 18-hole golf resort in Thuringia, the "Thuringian Golf Club Drei Gleichen Mühlberg". But even the idyllic location did not protect against the growing demands of players to a modern golf course. The demand for more sophisticated fairways and the same playing conditions everywhere were the reason to upgrade the golf course. In close cooperation with the golf architect (Andreas Lukasch, No.9 Golfdesign), the club responsible and the head greenkeeper (Kay Ulrich), our engineers developed a concept for the gradual and sustainable renovation of the irrigation system. Individual head control on the greens, demand-driven tee irrigation and a highly efficient irrigation of the fairway and approach area were the basis. While the greens and tees were equipped with HYDRA series rotor to assure high distribution uniformity, the TRITON series was chosen for the fairways and approach areas due to its high wind tolerance and reliability. In addition, the central control system "Perrot Satellite" was installed for the intelligent and water-saving use of the entire system.