Youth Olympics 2018 in Buenos Aires

The youth of the world met in Buenos Aires for their own Olympics. In order to be able to compete in these competitions under professional conditions, PERROT irrigation was used for the facilities in the Youth Olympic Park.

In the athletics stadium 17 HYDRA-series PERROT pop-up sprinklers were installed to ensure a good turf, thanks to the excellent water distribution of these sprinklers.

The two hockey fields were equipped with the unique PERROT-VP3 pop-up sprinklers. These sprinklers have a throwing distance up to 54 meters, making it possible to irrigate the sports facilities from the outside, avoiding in-field installations which are hard to manage on an artificial surface. Also, thanks to the speed of these sprinklers, the hockey field can be completely irrigated during the break.

This system is assembled and maintained by our partner Todoriego Cordoba SRL., Cordoba (Argentina).

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