PERROT inspires farmers with the 'Made in Germany' quality.

Vegetables and crops:

Example layout design showing ZE 30 full-circle sprinklers on a vegetable field (section)

Thanks to our range of connection sizes, from 1/2 to 1 1/2 inches and various casting ranges, the PERROT irrigation system has built-in flexibility, enabling our systems to adapt to a huge variety of different circumstances.

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Product overview:

Impact sprinkler ZB 22,  3/4" male

  • Casting range: 14.5–17.8 m

Impact sprinkler ZE 30, 1" male

  • Casting range: 14.0–21.8 m

Impact sprinkler ZM 22, 1,1/2" male

  • Casting range: 23.3–34.5 m


Example layout design showing ZB 22 full-circle sprinklers on orchards (section)

PERROT provides ideal support for the efficient management of large-scale orchards.

Product overview:

Impact sprinkler ZA 7

  • Casting range: 7.7–11.1 m

Impact sprinkler ZA 22

  • Casting range: 10.5–14.0 m

Impact sprinkler ZB 22

  • Casting range: 14.5–17.8 m

Frost protection:

Example layout design showing ZS 30 full-circle sprinklers (section)

PERROT ZS sprinklers can be relied upon and function perfectly at temperatures even as low as -10 degrees without freezing.

Impact sprinklers ZS 30, 3/4" male

  • Casting range: 13.0–16.3 m


Example – layout design showing ZB 22 full-circle 'WOOD IRRIGATION' (section)

Flexible piping systems and sprinklers with a wide variety of casting ranges enable water to reach the areas most in need.

Downloads: Perrot Ag brochure

Impact sprinkler ZB 22

  • Casting range: 14,5 - 17,8 m

Impact sprinkler ZE 30 W

  • Casting range: 14,0 - 21,8 m

Grassland and pastures

Most grassland and pastures receive the majority of their moisture and nutrients from simple irrigation ditches. As precipitation patterns become increasingly unstable with uneven distribution across the terrain, irrigation systems are subject to ever greater challenges. A PERROT irrigation system frees you from external factors and sustainably increases your yield.

Downloads: Perrot Ag brochure
Product overview:

Impact sprinkler ZE 30

  • Casting range: 14,0 - 21,8 m

Impact sprinkler ZK 30

  • Casting range: 19,8 - 27,5 m

Impact sprinkler ZN 23

  • Casting range: 30,5 - 50,5 m