Digital Control

WaterControl+ SC

Consisting of:

WaterControl+ SC

Digital control unit with pump contact and “Sector Scout” function, electrical output 24V / AC basic model with 4 circuits for Connection of 4 solenoid coils or 2 sprinklers with an electric valve and “Sector Scout”. Expandable by 4 circles each up to a total of 24 circles.



Irritrol Steuergeräte sparen Wasser und Zeit. Zudem erlauben sie auch eine flexible Bewässerungsplanung.

Das innovative Life Steuergerät kann über die Benutzerführende Wählscheibe programmiert werden, was auch Dank des abnehmbaren Programmiermoduls an jedem Ort möglich ist, oder über die Life App vom Smartphone, wenn Sie das optionale lokale Wi-Fi-Modul hinzufügen.


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Extension Module

Available versions:

Extension module

Extension module for 4 circuits for the WaterControl + SC control unit

Short time clock

Available versions:

Short-time clock (15 mins.)

The short-time clock is used for manual activation of individual Irrigation stations on site. Therefore it is particularly suitable for switching on the irrigation on individual tennis courts without having to access the control unit. The irrigation time can be set from 0 to 15 minutes.

The short-time switch can be used together with the PERROT WaterControl + SC control unit.


Key switch

Available versions:

Key switch

for connection to WaterControl + SC

For the manual start of a preset irrigation program on WaterControl+ SC from the sidelines. This allows you to keep track of the field. Usually for the irrigation process before and after the game and during the game break for quick watering of the field.

Rain sensor MiniClik

Available versions:

MiniClik – Rain sensor

The MINICLIK is a "must" for all automatic irrigation systems. It automatically prevents any superfluous irrigation during natural precipitation.

The MINICLIK works as an opener and is compatible with the WaterControl + SC control unit and the Perrot central controls. No program changes are necessary. Interruption and restart work automatically.