Perrot Satellite



Especially designe for the challenges of various systems. First choice for all systems: golf courses, sports fields, sports facilities, race tracks, parks.

Product advantages:
  • Easy to use
  • Interactive graphics
  • Web-based software
  • Optionally controllable with mobile devices
  • Easy upgrade for existing Greenkeeper central controls

Perrot Satellite Starter Kit

Consisting of:

Perrot Satellite software license VCU (control unit)

Necessary equipment:
  • Control PC
  • Optional: router / internet connection

Contains all components that are necessary for control (control PC is not included).

You can control up to 250 stations with the starter kit.

The starter kit can be expanded to 2000 stations at any time.

Perrot Satellite Expansion unit

Consisting of:
  • Expansion unit (Control unit)
Necessary equipment:
  • Perrot Satellite Starter Kit

Used to expand the existing starter kit by 250 stations each.

Up to 7 expansion units can be installed, so that a maximum of 2000 stations can be controlled.